Full-time MSc/PhD students and post-docs


Michael Somers

Lecturer, Mammal Research Institute

Core team Member, Centre for Invasion Biology

Dispersal patterns (past group members)


Zethu Makwabasa: Hon. 2003. Working for Department of Water Affairs and Forestry.

Shallin Abraham: Hon. 2003, MSc 2004-2007. Collection manager at the iziko SA Museum.

Tembisa Jordaan: Assistant 2004, Hon. 2005: MSc at Rhodes University.

Pumza Saleni: Hon., 2005: Medicine at Walter Sisulu University.

Nangamso Malongwe: Hon., 2005: Medicine at University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Keafon Jumbam: Assistant 2004, Hon. 2005: MSc in the CIB at the University of Stellenbosch, then working for the CIB, now doing PhD.

Peter Roberts: MSc 2004-2005. Lecturer in animal Care, UK, then PhD.

Markus Gusset: PhD, 2004-2006. Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture.

Mandisa Mgobozi: Hon., 2004; MSc, 2005-2007. Ecologist for Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, then lecturer at the University of KZN, now lecturer at the University of Zululand, also doing a PhD.

Lihle Dumalisile: Hon., 2004; MSc, 2005-2007. Mammalogist for Gauteng Nature Conservation.

Rolanda Julius: Hon., 2007. Time off for a year then MSc.

Emmanuel Do Linh San: Post-doc, 2004-2008. Senior Lecturer and HOD in the Department of Zoology, University of Fort Hare.

Nomvuyiso Matakazi: MSc 2006-2008. Sadly passed away in September 2008.

Ann-Marie Houser: MSc (with distinction) 2007-2008. Wolf restoration in North America.

Jan Graf: MSc 2004-2008. GIS work in the Netherlands then running Leopard project in Botswana, then ecological consultancy company back in RSA.

Janet Edwards: MSc 2007-2009. Working for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, mother.

Cher Laurence: Honours 2009.

Penny Spiering: MSc, 2007-converted to PhD in 2009, completed 2010. Currently Research Scientist with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and a Research Associate at Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute. Click here for her web site.

Rickert van der Westhuizen: MSc, 2008-2011. Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

Jean Purdon: MSc, MSc, 2008-2009. Marion Island for a year then working on lions in Zimbabwe and now back to Marion Island.

Nolubabalo Tantsi: MSc, 2009-1012. Now working for SANParks.

Lourens H. Swanepoel: PhD (co-supervised), 2009-1012. Post-doc with us from 2013.

Leah Andresen: MSc 2010-2013. Doing PhD at NMMU

Kristoffer Everatt: MSc 2010-2013. Doing PhD at NMMU

Fredrick Dalerum: Research Fellow 2008-2013. Conservationist for Swedish government.

Axel Hunnicutt: MSc 2018. Working for Wildtomorrowfund.

Clinton Wright: MSc 2018. Working for Wildtomorrowfund.

Hanlie Winterbach: PhD 2017.

Thandiwe Knutson: MSc. Working for Wildlife Act in KZN.

Kelly Marnewick: PhD 2016. Working for Endangered Wildlife Trust.